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Unit 2 Chelsea College of Arts

Working with the public 

Placing my work in a public setting, I learned to communicate with curators, other artists, space manager, audiences, and with myself. 

Throughout my projects, I wanted to find elements of 'image'. Out of liner form, enquired what remains or replaces the gap from the twist process.

I tried to explore transition, interruption of an image, sense by the work itself and by the audience. 

Presented image and sounds are desired to be noticed grabbed, and it once again, transformed in audience's perception.

But Mroe ofetn, we don't raelize waht we see.

Hyemin Gil

Day Book Project

Language Art Project 

Zine making workshop 

language art.png

Perceptible Eon

Mardi Grass: Back to Life

Works in Progress

Bon Voyage

Floored (Dress Rehearsal)

art show_edited.jpg


Exhibitions, artist reference


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