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Perceptible Eon, 2-5  Feb 2022, Cookhouse 

The project examines how these artworks offer a different reconsideration of the possibility and method of establishing anchors to narrow and break the boundary of "perceptual constancy". 

Hosted talks that explore and break the existing boundaries of "perceptual constancy." "Eon" is often used in grand geological concepts, where time is pulled up to a planetary scale beyond the possibility of entire human perception.

Several artists used a random act as an introduction - throwing flints to create sparks under the dark night of the Jurassic coast, showing the moment of human origin with instinct, fighting against nothingness. 

- Curator Jiaying Gao

Presented 'Pungyung Sound'.   

Drawing on the paper is only visible with light inside and through transparency of itself. 

Map design: Hyemin Gil

Mardi Grass 22: Back to Life, 1-31 Mar 2022, St Saviour’s Pimlico

Organised by Arts Chaplaincy Projects in collaboration with St Saviour’s Pimlico.

Being in harmony with the environment was part to keep in mind since the church especially have significant atmosphere.

Installed one piece of the work 'Pungyung Sound' over the font.

From a gaze of this installation, I wanted people to sense about the space and ‘in between’, and the absence and silence that brings more clear perception. This work can remind the importance of believe in things that are not seen. It also gave an experience that can relate to looking at a light house for direction.

of language is delivered and recognizing letter one by one.

Poster design: Ziyan Zhang

Poster design: Phillip Rhys Olney


Works in Progress, 24 Feb 2022, Cookhouse

Works in Progress attempts to create blank space in the show to bring new experience to the audience. Artists had put together their unfinished work in various form. 

Discussion with group artsts, Sotheby's MA contemporary art members involved. 

Presented 'Canto :ll'. 

Audience created hole in the music sheet with the punch and played the music box.

The hole became a sound, video went through the hole and projected another image to a wall.  

Poster design: Aleksander Naerbo


Bon Voyage!, 30 Apr- 2 May 2022, Slash Arts

Curated by Curating Matters

Since slash arts boat gallery was a ‘boat’ and a ‘house’ it had strong feeling comes from the space. Before the show, it was important to visit the place and plan for the installation.

I got feedback from curators and other artist as well, for what would be best suitable way to install for my work, what kind of feeling will create in each space, so to avoid situation that is not fit to the work when it looks like interior design in particular my work ‘Pungyung sound’.

I placed my work outside (garden) and, inside at the bathroom, after discussion and with a curatorial theme, it was a light house calling, remind the boat home since the boat was moving in the canal during the exhibition.

Dear Travelers

When did breathe come to you? What stories have passed by tongue? What have you forgotten already and what memories are floating in your times?

You have left your words and will realize you are the words.

The words are kept in palms soon to be burnt.

Unrecorded memories have lost their ring at the door.

Bells might have lost their sound but shine at the tunnel.

Hope you will notice absence with presence.

To all who have places they love so much that almost hurt them.



Your friend

-from artist note

DR poster.JPG

Floored- Dress Rehearsal, 28 Apr, ALG17&Triangle 

'Canto :ll' variation

I wrote words on the other side of the sheet with charcoal so that it disappears as it goes through the music box. Punched same words in braille, it becomes sound, and written letter plays silence. 

Poster design: Phillip Rhys Olney, Aleksander Naerbo

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