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Day Book Project

: Collective diary in local library, anonymous, random-access setting, lost work (-ing I guess)/ participation, interaction, interruption in the process.


I put an empty note at the library for people there to record their day expected to be a collective diary. I wanted to try participation without an artist present, personal interaction.

I talked with local library and asked permission. I needed to aware of the limit of control over this project from the library and expect or let some interruption that might happen in the process. I planned to put for a month and go back to pick up.

The library needed some construction during the project and diary eventually got lost.


Not knowing who will pick up, how this journal would end up made me think about the role of art and how individual would bring or take their experience with the work would be important part of the communication. Even the fact that people could find this note by accident, not by their attention to be a part of art project or commit to go to an exhibition, became a part of the interaction.

Language Art Project_Language and Visual Storytelling

Zine making workshop (Zine-ing about your project) 

Work plan, Group meetings, curatorial meeting, online exhibition.

Talked with other artist and got inspiration, ideas for each other’s work.

Walking with the Air, single channel video, 2022

Annual Language-Art Project | UAL (

This work is about how words can be delivered through letters and background.

Different forms of words travel through the air and reach the audience’s ear and eyes. There are sentences both in English and Korean dialect, and it shows each type of language’s features by representing each letter one by one. It is interesting how different types of language exist so naturally, just like nature and air. 

With sound and language as a part of image, I wanted to think about the form of language is delivered and recognizing letter one by one.

Learned about magazine field and how to make mini zine from one paper. (8 pages, 16 pages)

I made zine from other magazine paper and put some pages upside down.

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