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Process, Reference


Dress Rehearsal Practice

-Communication about work's need
- Determine anchor works
-Floor plan

-Health and Safety
Projectors: easily flammable close paper, leaves, inside paperboard

-Theatrical work may need theatrical install
sound audio check
avoid fatigue



'Pungyung Sound '

Paper bell inside drawing


This Art
Espacio Gallery

Camberwell MA Painting show
2 floor space
Mostly drawing, painting. 

Micro Sculpture Fair
St. James Hatcham Church

Church building
Scale of the work: should be in what most fit for the work
Good idea for mobility, drawing attention


180 The Strand
High technology, Digital installation
Distracted with many TikToker, Exhibition drags TikTok, influencer 

Damien Hirst: Natural History
Gagosian Gallery

Physical presence of object
Life/ Death
Scale, material 
What the work leaves in the audience
A sense of distance

Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child
Hayward Gallery

Personal, Subject, Object
Scale, material 
Installation method

Lee Mingwei 'Our Labyrinth'
Tate Modern

Performance, Discussion with artist

Collabaration with  choreographer
Communication through all sense
Frame creating
Internal discourse, projecting oneself
Natural sense and artificially magnified sense


Artist reference

-Jordan Baseman

Time based media, physical film

Artist talk:

-Jem Finer

Sound, Installation, composition

Pecha Kucha

-Yuko Mohri

-Daphne Oram


Damian Sutton. (2009) 'Photography, cenema, memory', University of Minnesota Press
Edited by Will Steacy. (2012) 'Photographs not taken', Daylight community Arts Foundation
Sophie Calle, (5 Nov. 2012) 'The Blind', Actes Sud; Braille edition

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