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Hyemin Gil

Multimedia artist working with drawing in pencil pastel and acrylic and video.

Being in time means living in and with the varying rhythms and fragments of the moment. The times that we go through leave traces in our unconscious  that leads to unexpected gaps and overlaps.

I visualize time and access to a piece of memory by creating contradictory existence. 

My digital work, From Absence projects is my action of imitation of mechanical movement with horizontal motion, pulling  the film roll by hand creates gap and space unexpected. It begins with scratched film roll that has been washed and dissolved in layers. Destruction of its potential as a recorder of memory - but in doing this, I created a new “presence” on the roll, and a new memory

5.1671047 is simultaneously single channel and multichannel. It puts different video frames with different timelines into a single setting combining the different frame times to create a new space in a hypothetical time.  

In my work, past present and future coexist and crash generating a potential new time and space with its own essential meaning and identity.

Traces is a series of drawings on large scale canvases in acrylic, oil and pastel. The drawings are traces of unseen time and untold emotion. The work is an attempt to capture movement with lines and scratches. The works in the series were scribbled, scratched smeared and streaked. I rely on the natural movement of my body rather than taking conscious steps.’


MA Fine Art

University of Arts London Chelsea College of Arts, UK


BFA Contemporary Art

Konkuk University , South Korea




Remanent Shadow, Culture Space Yang, Jeju, South Korea



Departure Lounge, Cookhouse, London, UK

Root, Cookhouse, London, UK

Family Laundry Day, Off-site show, Hyde Park London, UK

Perceptible Eon, Cookhouse, London, UK

Works In Progress, Cookhouse, London, UK

Bon Voyage!, Slash Art boat gallery, London, UK

Fine Art MA Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK








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